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On January 20th, 2023, a new song taken from “Reader Of The Runes – Rapture” (out April 28th 2023) called “The Hanging Tree” will be released as digital single and Lyric Video.

A few words on the song:
THE HANGING TREE” is a song that sets a violent darker tone as we dive deep into the core of the story narrated in the second part of the “Reader of the Runes” trilogy. If “Rapture” was more epic, slow paced and filled with many different shades and textures, “The Hanging Tree” is a merciless fast cavalcade that goes straight to the point with a heavy fast riffing, melodic yet aggressive vocals, big choirs in the chorus, two insane guitar solos and a folk break in the middle that our dear EK fans will definitely love. It will surely be a highlight in our forthcoming live shows – Elvenking