Red Silent Tides


  1. Dawnmelting
  2. The Last Hour
  3. Silence De Mort
  4. The Cabal
  5. Runereader
  6. Possession
  7. Your Heroes Are Dead
  8. Those Days
  9. This Nightmare Will Never End
  10. What's Left of Me
  11. The Play of the Leaves

European digipack version includes the original 2000 demo “To oak woods bestowed”

1. To oak woods bestowed
2. White willow
3. Banquet of bards
4. Oakenshield
5. Under the tree of us’dum

– Jigsaw Puzzle 2010 (Japanese edition)

Damna – vocals
Aydan – guitars
Rafahel – guitars
Gorlan – bass
Zender – drums
Lethien – violin

Produced by Dennis Ward
Recorded at Piranha studios and Sherpa studios
Mixed by Dennis Ward at the Trackshak, Germany
Mastered by Juergen Lusky at House of Music studios, Germany