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ELVENKING are confirmed for “Metalfest” in Israel on April 3rd in Reading 3 venue in Tel Aviv, together with other great bands soon to be announced.

Here is statements from the promoters of the event:
ELVENKING will play in Israeli “Metalfest” on April 3rd. Italian Folk Metal band ELVENKING will play for the first time in Israel !! the show will take place as a part of Israeli “Metalfest” together with other European acts soon to be announced, it will take place in Reading 3 venue in Tel Aviv. 
Stated Festival’s Promoter: Yishai Sweartz “I am really proud and happy to have Italian’s Folk Metal act ELVENKING on the bill, the band never played in Israel before and I was distributing the band’s albums for years so I saw the potential rising from the great “Heathenreel” album in 2001, through great albums as “The Winter Wake” and “The Scythe” (2006-7) to the newest great album “Era” (2012), Elvenking’s music was always special, taking the Folk Metal genre to new places and create a quality kind of combination with various Metal motives in order to design their own sound”.