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Dear Elvenlegions, we can finally reveal “Live Invocations”, the special live studio performance.

It will stream on NOVEMBER 20th, at 8 PM CET on AFM Records YouTube channel at this link:
It will be preceded at 7 PM CET by a Q&A with the band on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

We have been working hard on this in the last months, finding the right unique setlist, rehearsing it and finding the perfect solution to record it and make it available to you all. We were ready to publish it a while ago, but then came the cancelation of our Nov/Dec European Tour, so we stopped for a while and decided that we could substitute the tour with this special recording. It won’t be the same, but at least it’s something in these dreadful times. It will be a FREE streaming video, but if you feel like, there will be a way to support the band directly via a Money Box on Paypal (more info about this later on). Thanks a lot and STAY PAGAN!

As we have already anticipated, this will be a free streaming video, but if you want to support us we have created a Money Box on Paypal:

We have decided to deliver “Live Invocations” for free. Of course we had to invest on it, but we really wanted to do it so that all of you could enjoy it. Here we are not asking you for money, but we are open for support. No live shows and no activity for the band due to the pandemic have led to a different scenario compared to what we were expecting for 2020, so even if ELVENKING is not our main source of income, things could have definitely gone better. So Elvenlegions, if you feel like it and of course if you have the possibility, here’s a money box where you can give your contribution to the Elven-Cause. There is no min or max amount required, just what you can and feel. Thanks a lot… and may the winds blow fair at your backs.

Here is a TRAILER of the show: