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The official “Chronicle of a Frozen Era” BASS TABS are now available on the “ERA” page!
You can also download them directly at this link: 

Here are few lines by JAKOB himself:

“Hey bass players out there, this is the transcription I made for the bass line of Chronicle of a Frozen Era, probably the most complex song of the ERA album. I thought it would be cool to share it with you. There are a lot of various techniques and time signatures involved, but overall the song can be played both with fingers or a pick – and please note that the tuning should be B-E-A-D, that means 4 strings with the low B and without the high G. Or you can use a standard 5-string bass too. Have fun with it!
P.S. The score might not be flawless, and I’m not perfect too…but the main riffs and fills are pretty much there and I’m always open to give explanations or to correct here and there ;)”