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We are sorry to announce we won’t be able to play the UK shows as planned, for reasons that go beyond our will and control. Unfortunately the promoters didn’t show any respect and/or any kind of professional behaviour to us . These shows had already been canceled in September 2013, and that caused us a big loss of money; nevertheless, we decided to cover those costs ourselves, with the promise of a better situation for the re-scheduled February gigs. After months of silence, unanswered mails, not a single information, plan or time schedule, we read on Facebook that the Dublin show was canceled and nobody had the good sense to let us know. Once asked what was happening and why nobody was telling us anything about this gig, the promoters decided not to pay the agreed amount of money that would have covered our costs for getting there.

Our agency informed us that the advance payment, which was agreed from both sides-, and which we needed to buy our flight tickets, was late.
Furthermore, the contract hasn´t been signed (until today) by the promoter, and the promoter informed our agency, that they don´t have money to pay right now and they have to wait for the money from the ticket sales. In other words: If the sales are bad (and noone ever told us how the sales were), we might end up paying again.
Everybody expects that bands are on time-, that their equipment is in good condition-, that they rehearsed their songs and perform as good as they can.
And of course, every band is trying to do all this, cause it is every bands wish to be good, professional and that the fans enjoy their shows.
Why can´t all these bands expect the same enthusiasm from the people behind the scene? A show got canceled on the upcoming tour and nobody even told us. And once we found out, we were told that it is up to us to step back from what everybody agreed on and pay.

This is simply not acceptable for us and with sad heart we had to cancel our presence in the UK…ONCE AGAIN! We usually don’t like to talk business, especially not publicly, but after reading some really nasty things about us and our involvement in this, we feel the need of telling what happened exactly. We just can’t afford to risk a deeper loss of money. We are deeply sorry for all the fans who waited so long for these shows to happen… but it seems we simply got offered this opportunity by the wrong people. We promise we will work hard to get to the UK as soon as possible!