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Hello everyone!
Damna and Aydan are working since the beginning of the year together with producer Ivan Moni Bidin at Artesonika Recording Studio close their hometowns on the pre-production of the new material.

“This time we have decided to work differently compared to our latest albums” AYDAN states “We are working on full pre-productions, recording everything we want and expect to hear on the album in an earlier phase, in order to evaluate all arrangements from the very beginning. This will allow us also to record the real parts in different order compared to the standard way we were used to. For instance we can record the violins before the drums, or the vocals before the guitars. This will give us completely freedom to play with the layers and the harmonies of the songs and have a full view of the material from the early steps”

About the direction of the album DAMNA says: “We were pretty afraid when we started thinking about a possible successor of “The Pagan Manifesto”. We still think that’s the best material we have ever written, with the best playing and best production for Elvenking.
So you can imagine how we felt about making new music. Anyway during the last 5 or 6 months of 2016 we started to meet and see if we still had it 😉 It turned out we’ve written some great material!
So far it all sounds huge, extremely epic, and with a dark twist that makes it already sound fascinating and magical. These are the first vibes we are getting from the material we have layed down so far.
Now we’ll see where the pre-productions will take us. All I know is that we are damn excited! And this can only be a good start! “

From now on ELVENKING will keep on working on the recordings of the album at Artesonika Recording Studio with IVAN MONI BIDIN and later at Domination Studio with SIMONE MULARONI (who worked on the previous album The Pagan Manifesto), who will responsible also for the mixing of the album.












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