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And here it is… we can officially unveil the artwork and tracklist from our upcoming album “Reader of the Runes – Divination” which will be available on August 30th via AFM Records.

1. Perthro
2. Heathen Divine
3. Divination
4. Silverseal
5. The Misfortune of Virtue
6. Eternal Eleanor
7. Diamonds in the Night
8. Under the Sign of a Black Star
9. Malefica Doctrine
10. Sic Semper Tyrannis
11. Warden of the Bane
12. Reader of the Runes – Book I

So this is the answer to our riddle. There was a rune hidden in every profile image we posted in the last days. Hope you had fun playing, but most of all we hope you will enjoy the cover artwork made by artist Zsofia Dankova.
For now the runes have been cast but in the next days we will talk more about the album…there are still secrets to be revealed…

– Pre-orders on AFM Store start today at this link:
– Pre-orders on other platforms will start soon.