The Night of Nights (live)


  1. The Manifesto
  2. Trows Kind
  3. The Wanderer
  4. Runereader
  5. Pagan Revolution
  6. She Lives at Dawn
  7. Jigsaw Puzzle
  8. Elvenlegions
  9. The Cabal
  10. A Prayer to Cernunnos
  11. Moonbeam Stone Circle
  12. Symohn's Bash
  13. From Blood to Stone
  14. Skywards
  15. Disillusion's Reel
  16. Elven Aftermath
  17. Seasonspeech
  18. Through Wolf's Eyes
  19. The Divided Heart
  20. Neverending Nights
  21. The Winter Wake
  22. Era Theme
  23. The Loser
  24. To Oak Woods Bestowed
  25. Pagan Purity

Damna – vocals
Aydan – guitars, backing vocals
Rafahel – guitars
Jakob – bass, backing vocals
Symohn – drums
Lethien – violin

Jarpen – guitars on Pagan Purity
Gorlan – bass on Pagan Purity
Chiara Tricarico – Spirit of Spring on Seasonspeech
Isabella Tuni – Summerplunge on Seasonspeech

Audio mixed and edited by Ivan Moni Bidin (assisted by Aydan) at Artesonika Studios, Pordenone (ITALY)
Audio mastered by Simone Mularoni at Domination Studios (SAN MARINO)
Live sound recorded and engineered by Eduart Agaci and Ivan Moni Bidin with Gabriele Gritti
Video DVD directed and edited by Francesco Sogaro at Nuove Tecniche
Camera operators: Francesco Sogaro, Andrea Pavan, Andrea Chiarot, David Da Ros, Fabio Dubolino