JARPEN – guitars
Period: 1997-2004
Albums recorded: Heathenreel (2001), Wyrd (2003)
Notes: EK founding member Jarpen created EK sound with the other guys since the beginning. He was out of the band for a period in late 2001. Returned in the band but left before “The winter wake” recordings. He was not interested in playing folk influenced music, and was more into modern sounds. By the way Jarpen remains one of the most important Elvenking foundation.

SARGON – bass
Period: 1997-1998
Albums recorded: none
Note: with Aydan and Jarpen one of the very first line up members. Was not so much into melodic metal and left the band before everything started.

Period: 1997
Albums recorded: none
Note: first drummer of the band, friend of Jarpen and Aydan. Probably he was too skilled for the band at the very beginning. After a couple of rehearsal missed was out of the band.

Period: 1998
Albums recorded: none
Note: friend of Sargon, came in the band just to help EK to play together but was clear from the beginning he was not interested in staying with the band.

ZENDER – drums
Period: 1998-2011
Albums recorded: Heathenreel (2001), Wyrd (2003), The winter wake (2006), The scythe (2007), Two tragedy poets (2008), Red Silent Tides (2010)
Notes: Aydan went to a concert of his previous band to convince him to leave them and join EK. And succeeded!  Zender played in Ek for 12 years and left after the release of “Red Silent Tides” to follow other projects.

GORLAN – bass
Period: 2001-2011
Albums recorded: Heathenreel (2001), Wyrd (2003), The winter wake (2006), The scythe (2007), Two tragedy poets (2008), Red Silent Tides (2010)
Note: He joined the band after the demo “To oak woods bestowed” recordings, first as session member for a couple of live shows and later as a real member. He left the band after 10 years to have a family with his wife and more relaxed living.

ELYGHEN – violin
Period: 2002-2008
Albums recorded: Heathenreel (2001 – as session musician), Wyrd (2003), The winter wake (2006), The scythe (2007), Two tragedy poets (2008)
Note: Elyghen  played the violin in the album “Heathenreel” as session musician. When EK and former Skyclad frontman Martin Walkyer were asked to play together some live shows he stayed in the band and later he was asked to join EK permanently. In 2007 he moved to Ireland for working reasons.

KLEID – vocals
Period: 2002-2004
Albums recorded: Wyrd (2003)
Notes: Replaced Damna after a troublous period around the “Wyrd” songwriting. He recorded the album but things simply didn’t worked out. Aydan decided to call Damna back in the band and he left, followed after some months by Jarpen.

LUCA LUISON – guitars (live session)
Period: 2006-2007
Albums recorded: none
Notes: Luca helped the band as second guitar player live after Jon Oliva’s Pain European tour. He was present during all “The scythe” album writing session. Once asked to join the band as permanent member he declined the offer and left rock music world to follow other interests.

ELEONORA STEFAN – violin (live session)
Period: 2007-2008
Albums recorded: none
Note: when Elyghen moved to Ireland without possibility to play the live shows, EK asked Eleonora to replace him on stage. Eleonora was an incredibly skilled  violin player and most of all she was more rocking than all the other males. Unfortunately she was too busy with all her orchestras and classical studies to stay as permanent member.

SYMOHN – drums
Period: 2011-2016
Albums recorded: ERA (2012), The Pagan Manifesto (2014), The Night of Nights LIVE (2015)
Notes: He joined the band during the “Red Silent Tides” tour. With Symohn, Elvenking had a very happy and strong collaboration which unfortunately ended due to a different artistic view of how the band should have sounded in the future. He remains one of the most beloved Elvenking members!