Portrait by Cunene


Date of birth?
June 23rd, 1993

When did you start playing?
10 old with Classic Guitar and 11 with the Electric.

Why did you start playing?
As a child, I dreamt about being a professional Guitar Player.

Favourite bands?
Children Of Bodom comes first, then others like: Nightwish, Annihilator, Angra, Cradle Of Filth, Behemoth, Gojira, Animals As Leaders.

Favourite musicians?
Alexi Laiho, Jeff Waters, Kiko Loureiro.

First album bought?
Anastacia “Anastacia” (2004).

Favourite albums?
Something Wild (Children Of Bodom), Once (Nightwish), Never, Neverland (Annihilator), The Way Of All Flesh (Gojira)…

First concert (as visitor)?
Uriah Heep 2013 Kalterer See.

Best live show you’ve seen / would like to see?
Nightwish 2016.

Favourite EK songs?
Elvenlegions, The Loser, The Solitaire, The Misfortune Of Virtue…

Favourite EK song to play live?
Elvenlegions, The Loser, Neverending Nights, The Wanderer, The Voinych Manuscript…

Which band would you like to open up for?
Behemoth, Cradle Of Filth…

Highlight of your career on/off stage?
To join first EK tour in 2019.

Craziest situation on/off stage?
Last gig in “The Pagan Thor” tour with all the guys from Brothers Of Metal on stage with us.

Most embarassing moment of your career?
In the 3 Ways To Magick tour, I was on stage when my over-worn shoes came untied. the only immediate solution was to tighten them with black tape.

Favourite drink / smoke?
Rum / Camel Blue (tobacco)

Favourite movies / actors?
Star Wars saga.

Favourite TV series?
GOT, Dark, Vikings, Stranger Things, The Office.

Favourite books?
The Lost World (Michael Crichton).

Favourite computer/console games?
Quake VI, The Force Unleashed.

What do you like to do on your freetime?
Bouldering Indoor.

Describe yourself with 3 words:
Touchy, distracted, good.

Equipment you use?