Portrait by Cunene


Date of birth?
March 18th, 1989

When did you start playing?
In 1997.

Why did you start playing?
I was in an introductory music school and needed to choose an instrument, started with drums after watching my teacher showing me other instruments. I was ok at the beginning but after a couple of years I was totally hooked.

Favourite bands?
It varies.. Al Green, Tool, Leprous, Tower of Power, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Vulfpeck, Dream Theater, Bring Me The Horizon, Muddy Waters, Rage Against The Machine, Verdena, Il Teatro Degli Orrori.

Favourite musicians?
Terry Bozzio, Josh Dion, Stevie Wonder,Nick D’Virgilio, Giulio Carmassi, Francesco Paoli, whoever plays well more than one instrument has an approval from me!

First album bought?
Americana from Offspring and Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers, but I already had borrowed some Metallica and Iron Maiden.

Favourite albums?
Lost in the Sound of Separation, Scenes From a Memory, 10000 Days, Malina, Rage Against the Machine, Gets Next to You, Sempiternal many more.

First concert (as visitor)?
Piero Pelù (Litfiba) when I was a kid.

Best live show you’ve seen / would like to see?
Tool in Jesolo in 2006, I’d like to see Meshuggah (never had the chance).

Favourite EK songs?
A Song for the People, Towards the Shores (I really enjoy the acoustic ones in general), Grandier’s Funeral Pyre, Through Wolf’s Eyes, A Riddle of Stars, Swallowtail, The Play of The Leaves.

Favourite EK song to play live?
Elvenlegions, The One we shall Follow, Through Wolf’s Eyes, Pagan Revolution

Which band would you like to open up for?

Highlight of your career on/off stage?
I don’t think there’s a Highlight, every year something amazing happens!

Craziest situation on/off stage?
Being called the same day to play at MetalFest (CZ) in 2022, getting stuck with the van around Europe.

Most embarassing moment of your career?
Playing without instruments/stage outfit after our baggages got lost in a flight.

Favourite drink / smoke?
I like coffee, I don’t smoke

Favourite movies / actors?
I like animation movies, like Kung Fu Panda, Up, Monster’s and Co, Toy Story.

Favourite TV series?
Breaking Bad, True Detective.

Favourite books?
Any by Sean Conway.

Favourite computer/console games?
Gran Turismo, Spyro, Clash Royale (on mobile phone).

What do you like to do on your freetime?
Go up on mountains, bike, run, recording drums.

Describe yourself with 3 words:
Calm, Sleepy, Always Hungry.

Equipment you use?
DS Drums, Ufip Cymbals