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ELVENKING has signed a new multi-album record deal with AFM RECORDS.
A good news for both the artist and the label. The Italian band has had a relationship with AFM Records dating back to 2000. Now, after such a long period, the artist re-newed the contract for a successive third time, joining artists including Evergrey, Danko Jones, Gus G., Brothers Of Metal, U.D.O. or Danzig on AFM’s roster.

While celebrating this event with a special award for more than 80,000 albums sold, the band is already in rehearsal sessions for a follow-up album of their 2017 output “Secrets of the Magick Grimoire”.










Aydan and Damna state: “We are very happy to celebrate our 18th year at AFM Records with a brand new multi-album contract! We had different options and offers on the table, but when AFM came up with their new deal and the will to work with us and yet give us an even greater support, we couldn’t ask for more. A dedicated and trustful team that is with us since we were kids – that helped us start and create what is the band nowadays – couldn’t be more entitled in this new important phase of our career. We are now more focused than ever and we, together with AFM, are ready to unleash the best and strongest version of Elvenking. We are working on a new album which will be part of a wider idea we are currently developing day by day. We have previously never done something like this and we are damn sure the new songs will excite you as they are exciting us. Here’s to another 18 years of METAL!!!